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 Total Legionella Abatement 


Product information

Legionella  information

  • Product is dosed via pump (metered or slug fed).  Initial biofilm/scale 'clean up'  is at  a concentration of 1:17000.  This takes between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on system pipe fouling.  Clean up completion is determined by ORP reading at end of line.

  • After initial clean up, concentration is reduced to around 1:35000 (depending on water quality).

  • To ensure product is being properly used, monthly monitoring service is available.  This monitoring includes Legionella, residual chlorine, phosphates, pH, etc.

  • WARRANTY: IF, during usage of product as directed and a monthly service contract for monitoring is in place, you receive a positive test for any Legionella serogroups 1 though 15, Caliper Water will take appropriate action, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, in coordination with your facilities management team, until said Legionella shows TOTAL remediation via potable water AND swab tests.
  • Under normal conditions, monthly shipment of product resolves shelf life concerns.  Additionally, to help extend shelf life and potency, product is to be stored indoors away from sunlight and heat.  No chemical berm is required as that placard indicators are 0, 0, 0.
  • Product safely removes scale buildup in a system (without using any type of acid).  This improves efficiency in heat exchangers and extends equipment life.  However, some sluff off of existing scale may need temporary attention in facility filtration systems during initial clean up. 
  • Acceptable residual chlorine levels (via your local municipality) will now extend through your entire system. Legionella remediation occurs with only a 0.25 mg/L residual when applying product at recommended levels.
  • Phasing out and/or removal of point of use filters, copper-silver ionization anodes, UV lights, hyperchlorination devices, hyper-heating equipment, ozone generators, etc. is recommended as that their function becomes irrelevant. 
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