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VHA Dir 1810

VHA Dir 1061

VHA Boiler and Associated Plant Safety Device Testing Manual - Fifth Edition


About Us

A little history of the founder/owner of Caliper Water LLC, that is, me, Sedley Parkinson.  

After graduating from Utah State University, I worked as a chemist at a mining facility in Utah for 10 years.  I then worked as an outside salesman for a small specialty chemical company in the Salt Lake City area for 7 years.  This is where I connected with my first boiler at a macaroni and cheese production plant in 1998.  As I began servicing other company's boilers, I picked up a few cooling towers and chillers along the way.  I got my Unlimited Steam Engineer's License from Salt Lake City in 2002 at the request of one of my customers and then helped their six operators get their licenses.  This started the teaching portion of my career by helping others get their licenses.

However, in 2008, SLC discontinued requiring a license, so I started teaching outside the city to other companies with boilers.  In 2012 I turned all my chemical service customers back to the chemical company I worked for. I started teaching full time and officially started my own company.  I now teach my classes all across the country and have even taught once at a clothing manufacturing company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  


Now, with almost 20 years teaching experience, I have seen many locations with a wide variety of boilers, chillers and cooling towers, from small, closed loops to power plants. 


As an added bonus, and as of 2018, our team now offers Legionella Remediation.

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